Marauder Memories
A scrapbook of photos taken from the Marauder Era.
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we realize we haven’t been posting anything lately and we greatly apologize, school work has really pushed the blog into the corner for us but now the mods have more time to spend scrapbooking marauder memories!! much love to you all - red 

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liarsinravenswood said: hey for my friends bday im getting her a polaroid camera and shes a massive fan of hp so i was thinking of making her like a graphic and then i found this blog so i was wondering if i could take inspiration from this and make my own polaroids with a similar idea? thanks (:

sure! just please give us some sort of cred/mention in your info box, thanks! ((sorry for late reply)) 


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doctorwhodie said: okay so we were having lunch and suddenly my friend screams and shows this blog to me and we literally were scrolling all of out lunch time through this blog smiling like idiots and just UGH THIS IS AMAZING. i look forward to see new posts from you and i am already in love with this blog! askdjkslqksjq ❤️

ahhh!!!! we’ll up date as much as possible!! you’re so lovely, thanks for the amazing comments!! it’s so nice to hear from all you marauder enthusiasts, i’m glad we made your day asdfghj;dfjg - red

this is one of the sweetest things i’ve ever heard, thank you! we’ll make sure to update for you guys and we’re really excited about people enjoying it -jack

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summerpyre said: gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, i have a test tomorrow and this is not /okay/, god. thank you so much for sharing, this is truly /amazing/ and i absolute adore it.

ugh, tests ((something remus would not ever say)) but thank you so much! we’ll try to update as much as we can, but right now we have our O.W.L.s coming up again and studying can get in the way [as i’m sure you know right now] but yes!! you’re too kind, get some rest for that test - red

good luck on that test and thank you so much for the nice comments and stuff. we’ll be studying too and we hope youre doing good -jack

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your-own-personal-stalker said: Your blog is just perfection! I basically died when I found it! Loving the Wolfstar posts by the way! *is a huge Wolfstar shipper*

yes, can we just talk about how perfect the wolfstar ship is? those two are just adorable! - red

i could write a book on how wonderful wolfstar is, and we’d have to make it a series. thank you though wow thats very sweet of you!! -jack

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hufflepuffcharm said: I love your blog, it made me cry and laugh at the same time

thanks cutie, it means a lot! - red

our job here is done
im very happy you liked our stuff <3 -jack

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Remus Lupin conducting his morning routine over Christmas holidays.

"I’m warning you Sirius, put that wand down or your hair is seeing its final days."

Taken by Sirius Black, who is unarguably annoying in the mornings, December 1978.

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Lily Evans and James Potter on a spring hike. 

"Exploring your artistic side, James?" 

Taken by a charmed camera, April 1976. 

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Sirius Black refusing to be the subject of a photo.

"Oh please, Sirius, you look fine."

"Yes, I’m aware my body is quite fine, but my hair refuses to agree with me."

Taken by Remus Lupin who ignored all of Sirius’ complaints.  1979.

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James Potter pretending to sulk as the other Marauders tease him.

"Don’t worry, Prongs, Lily will fall for you someday."

"Yes, and that day will come when he finally fixes his hair."

Taken by Peter Pettigrew.  1977.

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